Hints and Tips

How to pass your driving test

To ensure you’re ready for your test take a look at the following tips.

1. Take enough lessons.

It takes an average of 45 hours with an instructor plus around 22 of private practice, according to the DVSA.

Take advice from your instructor. They are aware of the standard of driving required and will advise when you should book your test. Remember, if you fail that’s another £62 test fee plus the cost of more lessons.

2. Know the area.

Your instructor will know many of the test routes and any complicated traffic systems in the area. Be aware of speed limits, one way streets, Stop signs and direction markings.

3. Work on the common faults.

a) Observations

Checking mirrors and blind spots when moving of, changing speed or direction, and doing manoeuvres.

Lack of proper observation at junctions and roundabouts

b) Awareness

Not reacting to what’s in the mirrors

Failure to drive to weather or traffic conditions

Hesitation at junctions and roundabouts when it is safe to go

Failure to drive at the appropriate speed for road, traffic and weather conditions – whether that’s not making progress after moving off, not adjusting for a bend, or driving too slowly on a main road.

c) Signalling

Failure to give or cancel a signal

Giving a confusing signal

d) Control

Poor hand placement on the steering wheel IF it’s affecting your control

Steering accuracy

Stalling due to poor clutch control and failing to recover quickly and calmly

Keeping the clutch down (coasting) on a turn or after changing gears

4. Be Prepared

Get enough sleep the night before your driving test and make sure you eat breakfast.

Don’t plan anything else for the rest of the day

Important things to remember on the day of your driving test:

    • Theory test pass certificate
    • Photocard driving licence
    • Glasses if you need them for driving

Remember not to give up after a mistake. You might think you’ve made the worst error ever, but calmly putting it right and carrying on shows you can deal with problems on the road. Leave a mistake where you made it and carry on as if it hadn’t happened. You never know, it might not have been as bad as you thought.

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