How long will it take me to learn to drive?

You’ll always have that one person who swears they passed first time after three lessons, but that’s far from the average. According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), it takes most people 45 hours of lessons to learn how to drive, plus 22 hours of practising.

How many lessons will I need?

This will depend on the frequency and duration of your lessons and how quickly you learn.

Each lesson is carefully planned to achieve steady progression towards the standard required to take the driving test. Sometimes pupils need to spend longer on one topic or manoeuvre than on others.

Is it a good idea to have private practice as well as lessons?

Yes, private practice can help a lot, as long as you ensure you are practising what you have been taught, the way you have been taught. The accompanying driver must be over 21 and have held a FULL UK driving licence for at least three years. You must make sure that the car you are driving is insured for YOU to drive, displays a current road fund licence (tax disc) and has a valid MOT certificate if it is three years old or more.

Why should I pay for lessons if a friend or relative can teach me to drive?

Friends and relatives may not teach you as thoroughly as a fully qualified Driving Instructor, and could even teach you bad habits.  A qualified Driving Instructor (ADI) has passed a series of comprehensive tests and has regular check tests to ensure DVSA tuition standards are met. They know the standard of driving required to pass the test and are trained to spot and rectify any mistakes you make. They will provide a modern dual controlled car which will be fully insured for you to drive. Learning with an ADI can save you £s in the long run, as you won’t have the disappointment of taking your test too early, so your chances of passing first time will be much greater.

I’ve booked my test. Can I book an hour before my test and use your car for the test?

In short NO. We will need to assess your driving and be satisfied that you can drive to a good standard before we will allow you to use our car for the test.

How do I choose a Driving Instructor?

Many people simply ring a number of schools for the lowest price, this can be false economy. The questions you need to be asking are:

Is the instructor FULLY qualified or only partly qualified? – a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor will display a green badge in the front windscreen of the car. A partly qualified instructor will have a pink badge, and will be gaining experience and learning instructional techniques through teaching you.

What grade is the instructor? – a fully qualified ADI will be either Grade 4, 5 or 6, or A or B on a more recent grading system.

What is the instructor’s pass rate? – The national average across all driving test centres is approximately 45%, this will include passes at the first and subsequent attempts. Some instructors will quote a ‘first time’ pass rate, this means the percentage of their pupils who have taken the test and passed at the first attempt.

Can I incur Penalty Points on my Provisional Licence?

Yes you can. If you are caught committing a driving offence you can be fined and penalty points will be added to your provisional licence.  This is another good reason to take lessons with an ADI as they will ensure you do not commit any such offence during your lessons.