Driving Lessons

At FSM Driving (Freelance School of Motoring) your fully qualified instructor will design a training programme to suit your individual needs, then deliver tuition in a calm, professional yet friendly manner. Lessons are structured to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable, ensuring students are both inspired and motivated. We also help with preparation for the Theory and Hazard Perception Test, and carry out mock practical tests.

Driving lessons are available on weekdays for periods of one and a half hours or two hours.

Evening and weekend lessons are occasionally available for one and a half hours or two hours duration.

You will make more progress by having regular lessons, and also longer lessons. Whichever you prefer, we can help.

To start, try 'Getting Started with FSM', or book an Assessment lesson if you have driven before.

Getting Started

This consists of a two hour lesson to get you started. After checking your provisional licence and doing a quick eyesight check your instructor will take you to a quiet area and guide you through the following;

Cockpit Drill and Safety Checks; Use of Controls; Moving Off and Stopping; Use of Mirrors; Steering; Changing Gear.

Driving Assessments
If you have driven before try a driving assessment. This lasts an hour and a half. Your instructor will identify the level you have reached and design a course of tuition to suit your needs.

Test Assessments
If you have driven before and have either booked your test or are about to book it, we will identify if you are ready and which aspects of your driving need improvement in readiness for your test. Please note - we are entitled to withhold use of the car for test if we feel your driving has not reached test standard.

Pass Plus Courses
Once you’ve passed your test we suggest you take the Pass Plus driving course. This is a minimum six-hour course which includes town, country, night, dual carriageway, motorway and all weather driving, helping you to become a safe driver for life.

Motorway Lessons
An hour and a half lesson covering all aspects of motorway driving.

Refresher Courses
For those who have passed the practical test and have not driven for some time or need to brush up on driving skills and the rules of the road, or simply to build up confidence.


Private Practice

Anyone intending to practice in a different car with a friend or family member supervising must ensure that the supervising driver is at least 21 years old, and has held a full UK driving licence for a minimum of three years.

The car must be taxed, insured for the provisional licence holder to drive, and have an MOT certificate if it is more than three years old.

Some companies offer specialist insurance for provisional licence holders to insure themselves for short periods of time to take private practice, others also insure young or new drivers.  

Click the link to get a quote for the type of insurance you're looking for:

National Learner Driver Insurance

Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance

Marmalade New Driver Insurance

Marmalade Student Driver Insurance

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
Collingwood Insurance for Learner Drivers